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26th Aug 2016

These are the most popular baby names so far in 2016

Ciara Knight

Babies, am I right?

It’s not enforced by law, but it’s advisable that all babies are given a name, to help us identify them and avoid confusing them with the likes of a butternut squash or a Cabbage Patch Doll.

We’ve done a quick survey on all the newborn babies from this year and put together a list of the most popular names. Given that babies are among the biggest readers of this site, please get in touch and let us know if your name is on the list.

The cute baby boy playing on the beach. Little boy sitting on the sand. Sea and seashore as background with copy space


Portrait of a cute 7 months baby lying down on a bed, new family and love concept.


Young boy playing with toy animals


This picture was taken by 18mp Canon 600D with a 85mm prime lens.


Baby playing in the crib


9 month old identical twin boys standing up and laughing in their crib.


In the Land of Nod






Portrait of cute baby in diapers lying on the bed at home




Smiling baby girl on the white background.


Newborn baby sleeping in a wooden crate on a whitewashed wooden floor. He is wearing light blue, upcycled pajamas with a matching sleeping cap.


Laughing baby wrapped in the towel lying on the bed


child's eyes widened and mouth opened in amazement. copy space for your text