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13th Jun 2017

Pooper scoopers be gone: Dogs can now avail of designated toilets in Kerry

Say goodbye to pooper scoopers everyone. Organisers in Dingle have devised an innovative plan for dealing with pups’ poop.

We don’t like plastic bags and the environmentalist in us dies that little bit more when we’re forced to use them when picking up after our fur babies. And yes, we’re aware there are environmentally friendly bags too but they can be super expensive – hence why many don’t make use of them.

Clearly there’s a bigger issue in Dingle however. It’s proving difficult for people to find bins where they can dispose of these little waste bags. In an effort to curb the problem, the voluntary organisation that is Dingle Tidy Towns has created doggie designated poop areas – on a trial basis – where one dog at a time can avail of the ‘leithreas.’

No more shall they have to worry about bringing the trusty pooper scooper, nor have to hide the fact that they forgot it by pretending to pick up their dog’s droppings but really covering it with leaves and moving swiftly along with that innocent spring in their step. Yes, we know your kind.

The efforts of Dingle’s Tidy Towns no doubt deserve praise, although we are curious as to how everyone will be able to point their dogs towards this dry mud pit. After all, doggies go where they please. And who’s going to clean it out? Hmm…

Perhaps pushing the county council to provide more bins in the area would reap better results. Nonetheless, we’re sure the pups won’t mind.