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06th Feb 2019

A pinching hand emoji is coming, and yeah, we’re all thinking the same thing

pinching hand emoji


You can say a lot with the use of one simple emoji.

When you’re pissed off and don’t feel like engaging in conversation with someone, a simple thumbs up is all they need.

When you’re howling laughing, the crying face says it all.

They’re like a new, and slightly bizarre language, which we’d be entirely lost without.

Anyway, today it was announced that a new emoji is set for release – the pinching hand emoji.

And while we can’t imagine when we’d ever need this lad in its literal sense, we’ve been thinking the same thing about when we’ll probably use it.

Ourselves, and the entire Internet, immediately saw the new emoji as a hilarious response to an unsolicited dick pic.



You know what we mean…

Twitter has been reacting accordingly, with gas tweets in response to the pinching hand emoji.

“Maybe this upcoming emoji will be useful as a response to unsolicited dick pics,” wrote one user.

Another said: “Pack it up fellas, every girl just gained the ability to win an argument in just one emoji.”

A third added: “Somebody send you the pinching hand emoji back and you just gotta throw your whole phone away.”

The new batch of emojis will be available on March 5, but Mashable reckons it could be a couple of months before it’s on everyone’s phone.

We’ll wait.