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14th Aug 2016

People are slagging this footballer for saying “you know” a *ridiculous* amount of times on TV

Once you noticed it that was ALL you could hear

Rob Burnett

Footballers have never been famous for their eloquence, but this really is really next level shizzle.

West Ham defender Aaron Cresswell was a guest on Sky’s Goals on Sunday show with Chris Kamara and Ben Shephard, along with ex-Middlebrough, Leeds and Tottenham man Jonathan Woodgate during the first weekend of Premier League action this season.

But viewers quickly noticed that Cresswell was squeezing the phrase “you know” into every sentence he said. And not just once in every sentence – oh no – but multiple times.

Once you noticed it, it was impossible to hear anything else he said.

As the show was on live, it even started trending on Twitter.

Here is just a flavour of how much he was leaning on the phrase:

We’ve counted them and we reckon there are 16 in that 29 second clip alone. And he wasn’t even talking for about eight seconds of it.

That’s not far off being a one “you know” per second, which is some hit rate.

Still, the Hammers defender hasn’t done a huge amount of live TV and it must be pretty nerve-wracking to be talking directly to a potential audience of millions.

But viewers couldn’t help but be mesmerised by it.