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29th Jan 2018

Man tries to show off with €35k bottle of champagne… smashes it all over da club

Twitter can't be dealing with him

Olivia Hayes

We all know someone…

Someone who can’t help show off their new Gucci bag, someone who flashes the cash on every night out, someone who is basically just a show off.

Well, this man was all about his huge 35 grand bottle of champagne in da club… until he smashed it, of course.

The huge bottle, which is apparently called a jeroboam (not that we’d know), had a fiddly cork, and when the man tried to open it, well, he literally let the bottle slip through his fingers.

The video was originally posted on a Facebook page called Ibiza Club News, but over the weekend has been shared on numerous social platforms.

Of course, the minute it got onto Twitter, reactions ranged from feeling sorry for the lad, to calling him, well…:

To be fair, we’ve dropped a few bottles in our day… nothing to the extreme of €35k a pop, though.