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11th Apr 2019

Jogger in Kildare gets chased by a rogue goat and it’s bleating hilarious


Kildare’s goat talent.

We’d imagine that it’s very hard to negotiate with a goat because they’re always butting in. Herd the one about the goat that made someone turn their tail and run away?

Well, after news that an eagle owl that’s capable of eating a fully grown deer went missing in Kildare, it appears that ‘the thoroughbred county’ is living up to its reputation as a haven for animals.

That’s grand and all, but what if you want to go for a jog? Surely you would be safe? You’ve goat to be kidding me because even a friendly run ends up in hilarity.

Katie Milner was heading out for a jog in Donadea, Kildare on Wednesday but she was forced to turn back just seconds into her run after an unexpected encounter that might float your goat.

After jogging out of her driveway, Katie and her dog Montie spotted a few rogue goats with a sinister looking agenda.

As you can see below, one of them wasn’t too keen on having Katie and her dog around. Silly billys.

Thankfully for us, the hilarious encounter was caught on camera by Katie’s sister, Sophie, who shared the video on Twitter.

Ready to see a clip of Katie and her Amazing Technicolor Dream Goat?