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23rd Oct 2017

This guy hid Pennywise the Clown in all his sister’s engagement photos

'Countdown until she notices.'

Jade Hayden


“Countdown until she notices.”

Has your sister just gotten engaged?

Yeah? Has she asked you to shoot her engagement photos?

No? That’s no good then because you absolutely won’t be able to photoshop Pennywise the Clown into every single one of them then like this guy did.

Shame, because this is pretty great.


There he is again.


And again.


And… wait this one doesn’t have a Pennyw-…

Oh nevermind, there he is under the branch, sound.


The guy, Jesse McLaren took to Twitter to share his creations and they’re nothing short of hilarious.

Kind of terrifying.

Mostly hilarious.

And true to his word, Jesse did wait around to see how long it would take his sister to notice what he had done.

As it turns out, it wasn’t that long.

She found him

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Pennywise has been pretty much everywhere recently due to the recent remake of Stephen King’s It. 

Although, while we’ve seen children dressing up as the clown, people sitting alone in cinemas as the clown, and people literally making bath bombs featuring Pennywise’s face, seeing him crop up in an engagement photo set is certainly a first for us.

Keep up the good work though, Jesse.

You’re a very talented guy.