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21st Feb 2019

Shop in trouble for sticking googly eyes on fish to make them seem fresh


Why am I crying?

Sometimes, you read something on the Internet that just makes you laugh out loud.

And for me, usually those stories are weird, rather than actually funny.

My latest laugh-out-loud tale involves some crafty fish mongers.

Stay with me here…

A shop in Kuwait is facing closure for sticking googly eyes onto fish, to make them appear fresh.

And I am deceased by this news.

A video of these trickster fish was circulated locally through Whatsapp, and now the shop is in serious trouble.

Rightly, but still, 10/10 for effort I say.

Pictures, including one showing one of the fake eyes slipping off, have been shared on social media by bloggers and a local newspaper Al Bayan.

You couldn’t make this up.



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