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20th Jan 2019

Couple brag about ‘buying their first home age 19,’ get absolutely slammed for it

Lol same bro, just dropped a cool two mil into the bank there.

What were you doing when you were 19?

Were you struggling to afford a mere trip on the Dart because you’d spent your last fiver on a naggin?

Or maybe you were eating plain rice for five days straight because you couldn’t afford to do a big shop?

Those were the days.

Chances are, you definitely weren’t buying your first house because sorry, that would be literally impossible.

Apparently though, it wasn’t for a couple of people named Jacob and Ana who decided to go off and brag about their new purchase on Twitter.

… Alongside the caption: “Bought our first house at age 19… what y’all buying” nonetheless.

Well for some.

Unsurprisingly, people weren’t all that impressed with the tweet though. Can’t imagine why.

They decided to respond with some of the things they had also, ahem, bought. This items included their own planet and reality itself.



As it turns out though, none of this matters because they didn’t even buy the house in the first place and were literally lying about the whole thing? 


Ana and Jacob came clean once they realised that people weren’t at all impressed, but mortified for them.

Double crying laughing face, indeed.