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04th Feb 2017

This comedian’s post about parking in family spaces is just hilarious

It's gas


It’s official; we’re obsessed with stand-up comedian and blogger Sam Avery, and his hilarious posts about life with toddler twins. 

And his most recent one struck a cord because we have ALL been there and know how annoying it is to see people with no kids parking in the space that’s clearly marked for families. We’ve all had those moments, caught for time, with a carload of screaming kids in the back, driving aimlessly around car parks looking for a convenient – and safe – space to offload kids and bring your shopping trolley to without almost being run over. Yeah, that.

Avery’s post gets it so spot-on, I could have written it myself (although nowhere near as funny!).

He separates the culprits into two groups:

People with no kids

People who had kids years ago and therefore feel superior to people with kids now.

Comments like these in his post made us LAUGH OUT LOUD. They might just brighten up your day too.

“Please give me a moment so I can put my (cold) cup of tea down and give you a proper round of applause, you sanctimonious arse whiff.”


“So listen up and listen good. If you continue to park in those spaces, we will retaliate in our own special way.
Plus we’ve only had two hours sleep so not only will we unleash hell but it will probably make absolutely zero sense.”

Have you experienced this parking issue? Let us know in the comments below. 

Main image from Facebook.


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