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08th May 2016

China has had to ban ‘erotic’ banana-eating livestreams

Authorities called the videos 'suggestive'

This is too funny.

Live-streaming sites in China have had to ban people filming themselves eating bananas in a ‘seductive’ fashion, the BBC reports.

The sites must now watch all of their output around the clock to ensure that videos of people suggestively eating the phallic fruit are swiftly taken down.

The New Express Daily has reported that users are now also banned from wearing stockings and suspenders in an attempt to clamp down on inappropriate and ‘erotic’ online content.

In April, the Ministry Of Culture announced it was investigating a number of popular live-streaming platforms for allegedly hosting pornographic content.

Three-quarters of those watching the content on these sites are men, and channels that predominantly feature young women entertaining their audiences are very popular.

According to The New York Daily News, some of the women who host on these live streaming channels earn a whopping $150k a year, but it will be interesting to see if the ban on bananas will see their revenue streams take a hit.

Chinese social media has been abuzz with peoples’ reactions to the banana ban, asking whether male-live streamers can still eat them.

One user saw a pretty easy way to get around the ban, simply substitute for a different phallic fruit or vegetable:

“They will all start eating cucumbers, and if that’s no good, yams”.


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Lead Image via BBC