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16th Apr 2019

Barbra the sheep has to wear a DD bra to support her heavy udders

Rebecca O'Keeffe

barbra the sheep

Ah, no.

Lads, life is tough, especially if you’re a sheep with super heavy udders.

Meet Barbra, a sheep that has to wear a DD bra to support her udders.

God love her like.

Poor Barbra was struggling to feed her lambs, when her smart owner, David Cross, and his wife Kathryn, came up with a solution.

“The ewe is an older girl, perfectly fit and healthy but when her udder bagged up with milk it was nearly dragging on the ground.”


“A droopy undercarriage is one of those things that happens when you get on in years. When she had her twin lambs they couldn’t get to the teats. David was joking that she needed a bra for support.”

barbra the sheep

“Our neighbour happened to be round at the time and said she was just throwing out an old one if he wanted it – it was a 44DD and was actually a perfect fit.”

David cut two holes in the bra fro Barb’s udders to pop through, and sure, there you have it.

“The lambs were a bit unsure to start with but with a bit of guidance they soon got the hang of it and are now thriving,” said Kathryn.

“The ewe was totally unfazed by the whole experience. David has been shepherding for many years and puts his heart and soul into ensuring his small flock is happy, healthy and well looked after, but this is the first time he’s put a sheep in a bra.”

“He’s just really happy that it had the best outcome for mum and babies. Just shows how you have to be a bit creative and resourceful in farming.”

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