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16th Oct 2017

This advent calendar is for everyone who absolutely can’t stand Christmas

Calling all Xmas-haters!

There are different types of Christmas lovers.

There are the ones that love the holiday all year long.

There are the ones that will put up with the Christmas talk anytime after October.

And then, there are the ones who can’t stand the occasion whatsoever.

If you fall under the latter, then there’s an anti-advent calendar that has been designed just for you.

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The Misfortune Cookies Anti-Advent Calendar is from Gruesome Christmas and is “filled to the brim with misfortune and dismay.”

We’re intrigued…

According to the Gruesome Christmas website: “Be filled with woe as you open each advent door to one of Pechkek’s Misfortune Cookies, which are guaranteed to spread festive gloom.

“Fill the house with grim jokes, black humour and loud laughter and purchase one of these brilliant Anti-Advent Calendars!”

Unfortunately, it’s currently sold out on the website, but we’ll keep you posted the second it’s back in.