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28th May 2019

5 stunning swing chairs that would be perfect for your home this summer

Swings are all the rage, these days.

They’re fun, they’re sturdy, they’re a means of sitting down while simultaneously remaining suspended in the air.

A welcome addition to any daytime event, every nighttime furore, any Instagram grid.

These days, swings are widely appreciated, and yet sometimes, they find themselves getting a bit of a bad rap.

They break, they collapse, they send children flying from their grasps in playgrounds, fully grown adults from their seats when they are not intoxicated.

Despite this, the domination of the home swing labours on.

And so, as we dive deeper into the summer months, there are countless swing chairs that have caught our attention. Some we want, a few we appreciate, and countless others we crave to simply sit on, holding on ever-so-tightly as we swing back and forth, gently enjoying the simple pleasure of their slow, rocking motion.

Here’s five of them.

1. This nice indoor swing

One could swing on this swing to their heart’s content, in the comfort of their own home, away from the trials and tribulations of bustling outdoor activity.

It’d suit a sitting room, it’d suit a kitchen, it’d suit a bedroom if you were any way that inclined.

Perfect for somebody who’s not much of a social animal.

2. Aldi’s swinging egg chair 

This swing would be perfect indoors, it would be perfect outdoors, it would be perfect at a festival when you’re just sitting on the grass with your friends watching a band before going home.

Very versatile.

(And only €159.99.)

3. The swing from that one episode of Queer Eye (not pictured)


In the first season of Netflix’s Queer Eye, the lads visit a guy named AJ.

They help him turned his life around by giving him more self esteem, allowing him to deal with the guilt of having never come out to his father before he died, and encouraging him to be more open about his sexuality.

They also compliment his incredible indoor swing.

It’s got ropes and all. Very good for holding onto.

4. This swing with a man beside it 

This swing is a decent shout because it’s got all the components of a fun and mobile seat.

Wood to sit on? Check. Ropes securing it to the ceiling and also to the swinger’s hands? Check.

Another person to act as a supervisor so nobody tumbles from beyond the swing’s grasp, thus orchestrating an event that would cause maximum damage, collateral damage in the interim?


5. The swing from Sophie’s 

Any spares going, or?

We’ll be careful. We promise.

Feature image via Trip Advisor.