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05th Jun 2015

X Factor Star Stevi Ritchie For Celebrity Big Brother

This would be very interesting!


This would be very interesting!

Former X Factor contestant Stevi Ritchie is reportedly headed for the Celebrity Big Brother house.

According to reports, the singer has signed up for the show which is due to hit our screens this summer.

“He’s been raring to compete ever since he left The X Factor,” a source told The Sun.

chloe-jasmine-x-factor new
Stevi is currently dating Chloe Jasmine. 

“And before the last series of CBB he thought it was all going ahead.

“So it was disappointing for him when plans changed. But now he’s even more determined to go in – and to win.

“He thinks he stands a good chance too as he’s very confident in his personality.”

Stevi himself is yet to confirm the news .