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07th Apr 2022

11 affordable camping essentials to help you embrace the outdoors this summer

Brought to you by Lidl

Planning a camping trip this summer? Here’s where you can stock up on everything you’ll need…

From Thursday 14 April, Lidl’s range of high-quality and affordable camping essentials will be in stores nationwide. From overnight essentials to on-the-go dining, the range has everything you’ll need to plan a hassle-free camping trip this summer.

It’s been a long winter and seen as the grand aul stretch in the evenings has (finally) made an appearance it’s the perfect time to start planning weekends away for the months ahead.

Camping is a really budget-friendly activity for the whole gang, while also giving you an opportunity to explore more of Ireland’s scenic outdoors.

Crucially, we know how costly everything is at the moment so don’t be worried about the price of stocking up on camping essentials, we’ve gathered our top picks from the Lidl range with some handy tips for new campers…

Power bank


The outdoors breathes life into us all, but let’s be honest, we have to stay connected with the outside world. For all your power and electrical needs, while camping, this power bank is the answer. For just €59.99, this handy tool has a USB outlet for your phone or camera, but also a full socket plug, so if you need to plug in an inflatable bed pump or mini cooker you’re all set!

Electric Cool Box


During a busy day of hiking uphill or exploring your surroundings, some cool and refreshing drinks or snacks are usually needed. When charged, this electric cooler will keep all your food and beverages chilled and ready to serve.

Sleeping Bag Assortment


With Ireland’s less than predictable weather in mind, every camper needs a high-quality sleeping bag to see them through the night. Lidl’s range of sleeping bags are super affordable and the best quality, so you’ll be able to stay warm all night long.

Hiking Rucksack


There’s nothing worse than arriving at your campsite only to realise you’ve forgotten some essentials. With a purpose-made camping rucksack like this one, you’ll have room for everything you need and it’s super easy to carry around too.

Men’s Hiking Shoes


If you’re planning some scenic hikes or uphill treks during your getaway, the right shoes are essential. These Men’s Hiking Shoes have the perfect amount of grip for outdoor adventures, while also protecting you from whatever the elements throw your way.

Men’s 3 in 1 Jacket


Be completely prepared for any type of weather with this versatile 3 in 1 jacket. Waterproof, windproof and with a cosy lining, we know in this country we need to be prepared for anything the weather can throw at us! Not just for camping trips, this jacket is a great addition to any hiking enthusiasts wardrobe.

Men’s DIY Dungarees


If you’re exploring a muckier terrain, these handy overalls will keep your clothes spotless as you enjoy your new surroundings. Plus, when the camping trip comes to an end, they’re sure to come in handy when it comes to working on any DIY efforts at home.

Men Power Stretch Jacket


Made from warm and comfortable fleece fabric, this Power Stretch Jacket is a great addition to your camping wardrobe, if you’re off foraging (people forage, right?) or setting up camp and you’re too warm for a jacket but too cold for a t-shirt, this is the piece for you and at just €14.99, you can’t go wrong!


Zoom Binoculars


Camping is not only a fun holiday for all the gang, it’s also a great opportunity to learn all about wildlife. These handy Zoom Binoculars will make it so much easier for exploring your surroundings and you could even learn a thing or two about Ireland’s flora and fauna.

Stainless Steel Insulated Flask


Even if we’re blessed with good weather this year, we all know those summer evenings can be a bit chilly. A toasty cuppa to keep you warm is a must when spending the night outdoors, and this handy flask makes it so easy to keep a hot beverage on hand.

Cool Bag with Lunch Boxes


Meal prepping is key when it comes to planning for a camping trip, as it ensures you’ve loads of quick-to-prepare dinners on hand throughout your trip. When it comes to packing and storing these nibbles, this handy cooler bag will keep all your food super fresh, while the lunch boxes are perfect for splitting up everyone’s meals.

All of this kit won’t break the bank, but the memories will be priceless!

Lidl’s camping range will be available in stores nationwide from Thursday 14 April. View the full range HERE. 

Brought to you by Lidl