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08th Dec 2023

Women share what gifts men shouldn’t buy for Christmas – and we agree with a few

Jody Coffey

Christmas gift

If it’s the thought that counts, we’d love to know the thought process.

We’ve all been there; you open a Christmas gift, only to feel awkward by having to pretend you love it.

It seems many women are in the same boat when it comes to this and, on behalf of us all, two females have decided to call out the gifts that women do not want.

Podcasters Alex Hourigan and Sally McMullen, hosts of the podcast ‘Two Broke Chicks‘, have also laid down a few ground rules that should be taken on board before any gift-giving.

First things first, gifts are “only acceptable if they’re accompanied by a gift receipt,” according to the women.

This will allow the recipient to return or exchange any potentially unwanted gifts.

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The avoid list for Christmas gifts.

Starting with “F***ing love heart necklace,” the podcasters gave men this warning: “Don’t do it”, adding to avoid any jewellery in general.

“Gold or silver jewellery…” the pair explained. “They’re for two different girlies. If you don’t know, don’t buy it.”

This, I have to say, is very solid advice.

Next on the list of gifts to swerve are teddy bears, or any ‘creepy’ stuffed toys for that matter.

Stuffed animals may seem like a cute, thoughtful, or sentimental gift, but we really have no use (or space) for a giant teddy bear.

Being knowledgeable before you buy

Perfume is also a ‘risky’ gift unless you are 100% sure of the recipient’s signature scent.

This also applies to rings, lingerie, clothes, or shoes, with the pair adding that it’s not worth it to you or them if you’re buying these gifts without the proper knowledge.

“Just don’t do it because the whole ordeal of having to return and find the actual size in stock somewhere is just a headache,” Alex told listeners.

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“I would just avoid it unless you are 100% sure you know their size or go into their wardrobe and look at their shoe size — but even then I found it’s so inconsistent between brands.

“Sometimes I’m a size five, and sometimes I’m a size seven. 99% sure you don’t know her size either.”

Getting to know the little details about your significant other a little more thoroughly may help in this regard.

The podcasters also labelled the gifting of vouchers as ‘lazy’ as there is little to no thought behind the gesture.

I’ve never been mad about receiving a voucher, but I’ve also never looked back on them as being special memories.

More expensive doesn’t always mean better

They also warned against purchasing a pet for your girlfriend or wife this Christmas for a very important reason.

While it really would give them so much joy, it’s an un-wise choice and a decision that should be made together.

“I know couples who were in a bit of a rocky patch in their relationship and then one of them bought a dog for Christmas,” they explained.

“Don’t buy pets in general. I know this hurts, it hurts me too because I’ve had the fantasy of getting a puppy for Christmas since I was three years old.

“But the amount of animals that go into shelters after Christmas is completely devastating.”

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Lastly, you may be thinking that an experience or holiday is the way forward, and they are, but only if the event or trip will be happening in the immediate future.

It also depends on the length of time you have been a couple, for obvious reasons.

“We’re talking flights, experiences or concerts because by three months, it’s still very new, it’s fresh, you’re still kind of learning more about each other.

“There’s nothing worse than booking a holiday… you’re maybe a year in and you’re kind of on the rocks…

“Then you don’t really want to go on holiday with this person anymore but you kind of want to break up but ‘we’ve got Bali in three months’ — the worst.”

Now that you know the criteria, you can begin the challenge of finding the perfect gift for your partner.

May the odds be ever in your favour.