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24th Nov 2023

Have you ever dated a person with ‘rizz’? The dating slang word explained

Jody Coffey


What started off as slang now has a place in the dictionary.

This year, Merriam-Webster added 690 new words to the dictionary – one of them being ‘rizz‘.

This term is an abbreviation of the word ‘charisma’ and is it something that is connected with people who have compelling attractiveness or charm.

Jessica Alderson, a dating expert and founder of So Synced, explained to Glamour UK what a ‘rizz-filled individual’ is capable of.

“Rizz-filled individuals know how to tap into our desires and impact us on an emotional level.”

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‘Rizz’ may appear in the form of playful or flirty compliments, humour, and/or flattery to win the affection of another person and create a connection, she says.

“By doing this, they create a dynamic where we are less likely to critically assess their behaviour or intentions.”

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Because the traits of someone with ‘rizz’ are ones that can be admirable and impressive, a person may be more drawn to them as a romantic partner, especially in the early stages of dating.

‘What’s the issue?’ you may be thinking. Well, this new slang has given way to the ‘rizz coloured glasses’ trend, which has some downfalls we need to watch out for.

“Having ‘rizz’ goes hand-in-hand with confidence and self-assuredness, which can make people with ‘rizz’ appear knowledgeable and trustworthy, even when their actual character may not align with these traits,” Alderson tells the magazine.

“Confidence can be seductive, making it difficult for others to question or doubt them.”

This is a play on the expression of ‘seeing the world through rose-tinted glasses’, A.K.A: Not seeing something as it really is.

“By definition, rizz is all about charisma and smoothness,” says Alderson.

“People with ‘rizz’ have excellent communication and persuasion skills. They know how to engage others, create a positive impression, and convey their ideas convincingly.”

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Because of this, paying close attention in the early stages of dating is key, as ‘rizz-filled people’ can cloud the judgement of others with their charm and this can distract from red flags, says Alderton.

People with ‘rizz’ are pros when it comes to drawing others in, something that may not always be a 100% positive or healthy thing in the dating world.

While it can be alluring and fun to be with a person with rizz, if an individual is overly-charismatic, it can mask who they really are.

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“It can be a tough reality to face. You might start to notice inconsistencies in their behaviour or realise that they haven’t been completely truthful with you,” Alderton says

“Relationships founded primarily on ‘rizz’ lack depth and emotional intimacy. Without a genuine understanding of each other’s true selves, the connection will remain superficial.”

Social media continues to bring more awareness to the dating world!