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14th Jun 2016

Woman responds to sexist note claiming she’s parking in the wrong spot

She's an absolute BOSS...

Rebecca Keane

Well, this is painful.

Nearly every day we hear of a count of sexism against women, it’s sad to admit but it has almost become the norm.

This particular evidence is just downright mortifying.

One American woman, Rebecca Landis Hayes was parked in a car space on a hot day and arrived back to her vehicle only to find a rude note left on her windshield.


veteranThe accompanying status the ex-veteran posted on Facebook reads in full:

“To the person who left this note on my windshield today at the Coddle Creek Harris Teeter in Concord, NC:

“I know I parked in one of the Veteran Parking spaces today, it was hot. I had been in and out of my car several times already this afternoon, and I was only going to be a minute. Besides, the parking lot was full, so I just did it. It was the first time, and I won’t do it again. I’m sorry…

“I’m sorry that you can’t see my eight years of service in the United Sates Navy. I’m sorry that your narrow misogynistic world view can’t conceive of the fact that there are female Veterans. I’m sorry that I have to explain myself to people like you. Mostly, I’m sorry that we didn’t get a chance to have this conversation face to face, and that you didn’t have the integrity and intestinal fortitude to identify yourself, qualities the military emphasizes.

“Which leads to one question, I served, did you?”

America should be proud of all their veterans, both male and female.

All images via Facebook