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10th Jan 2022

Woman horrified to discover company used her identity for sex doll

The doll even shared the same name as her.

A woman has spoken out after having her identity stolen to make a sex doll.

Yael Cohen Aris, an Israeli model and influencer, first discovered the sex doll through a follower.

She was absolutely horrified when she realised that the doll had identical features and shared the same name as her – it even had the same beauty mark just under her lips.

Appearing on Monday’s episode of This Morning, she said:

“I’ll be completely honest – I don’t have anything against the sex doll industry, but of course the problem here is that they did it without my consent and my knowledge.

“Also, it’s double wrong because it’s connected to my identity – it’s not just a doll that looks like me or is inspired by me. It was developed from me.”

Yael said there was “no mistaking” that the doll had been made using her image, while host Phillip Schofield responded that the company had even used “photos and videos from your Instagram account to sell the thing”.

Yael is now taking legal action against the company and has said that she will not accept compensation from the company. Instead, she wants to use what has happened to her to start a conversation about consent.

“I think first of all, it should get off the shelves. That’s maybe we can talk about what’s happened and how things went wrong and why,” she said.


“I’m not talking about compensation – it’s about learning a lesson.

“That’s the thing that I am trying to pursue, trying to bring a real conversation about our privacy, if we still want to share stuff online.”

When asked by Holly Willoughby whether she found the whole ordeal flattering, Yael responded by saying: “I wouldn’t see it exactly that way.”

She added: “But you know what? Everyone likes to feel attractive.”