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12th Sep 2017

Why you’ll want to book that Amsterdam trip right now

Darragh Berry

That cheeky weekend away could get a lot dearer.

Amsterdam has been a regular member in the top 10 most popular travel destinations for Irish people and came sixth and seventh in the last two years respectively.

It has proved so popular in recent years in fact that KLM Royal Dutch Airlines announced in May that they were increasing the frequency of their flights between Dublin and Amsterdam.

However, Irish people might start to think twice about travelling to Amsterdam after the news that the city is planning to increase taxes on tourists.

According to The Guardian, taxes could rise by as much as €10 a night as local authorities in the area are trying to decrease the amount of stag and hen parties and visitors coming to the city for weekends away.

This is being done in the hope that Amsterdam can become a regular city again for their residents.

Nearly 17 million people went to Amsterdam last year and it is a trend that they believe will only continue to rise each year.

The news comes after protesters took to the streets showing their frustration at the lack of sense of place where they chanted, “Whose city? Our city.”