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12th May 2016

Weekend weather predictions are here and we pray they come true this time

Ideal weather for a spin to the beach.

Fingers crossed.

Considering last week’s promised heatwave turned out to be an influx of heavy showers, it’s hard to believe that this weekend might actually bring good weather.

However, according to Met Éireann, the days ahead look very promising with plenty “of good sunny spells”.

Top temperatures of 17 to 20 C. are expected tomorrow and the west is expected to be the warmest.

Saturday is also looking good, although there might be an odd shower in the southwest of the country and Sunday is also set to be “dry with some sunshine”.

The sun shines bright in the daytime in summer. Blue sky and clo
Sun glorious sun…

Even better again, the risk of showers should lessen “further under high pressure” and again we should expect highs of 17 to 19 C.

Temperatures might fall a little on Monday but hey, as long the rain stays away, we won’t complain.

Here’s hoping this weekend is one filled with road trips, 99s, BBQs and general craic.