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15th Jun 2016

WATCH: This Irish man has made the best engagement proposal ever

Prepare to BAWL...

Rebecca Keane

Irish people are not typically known for grand romantic gestures.

As sound as we are, we tend to keep professions of love for when we’re a little tipsy or in our sleep.

One Dublin man has gone and blown all perceptions of the traditional Irish man right out of the water with a new video.

In the clip, Gavin Fogarty asks his unsuspecting girlfriend to watch footage he’s made of the last eight months, taking a one-second clip of every day they’ve spent together.

While secretly filming Clara, Gavin shows her the video which makes her laugh and cry, bringing together an amazing sequence of all their adventures.

Irish band Delorentos wrote the couple a song to accompany the romantic gesture and the result is guaranteed to make your heart burst.

Someone pass me the Kleenex… *sobs*

If this video was created for just getting engaged, we can’t wait to see what creative ventures they’ll make in the future.

You heard it here first ladies, romance is definitely NOT dead.

Image via YouTube