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05th May 2016

WATCH: Kerry TD Danny Healy-Rae denies climate change in the Dáil

"I believe God is in charge of the weather..."

The weather these days, can be extremely unpredictable.

It can be irritating not knowing if it’s going to rain, snow, hailstone, be sunny or grey. That’s Irish weather for you – at least it always keeps us guessing.

Sometimes it can be genuinely worrying to think what damage we are doing to our planet, and the effects of global warming are only increasing every day.

According to one politician, Kerry TD Danny Healy-Rae, climate change is an act of Divine Intervention.

In a rather unbelievable clip, Healy-Rae is seen at the climate change debate stuttering, reciting facts about centuries gone by and rallies against the carbon tax. Is he actually for real?

One stand-out quote is:

“I believe God is in charge of the weather, and we here can’t do anything about it”.

Ah, bless him. Has he been working too hard maybe?

Someone get him a nice cup of tea and tell him to lie down.

Lead image via YouTube