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03rd May 2016

WATCH: Inspirational girl with autism interviews Channing Tatum and we LOVE her

We want her as our new BFF...

This girl is incredible.

Carly Fleischmann has already lived the dream of many 21-year-olds by meeting Channing Tatum, not only has she achieved that, but she made him crack up with her jokes.

Carly Fleischmann, who has autism, has set up a YouTube project, Speechless with Carly Fleischmann which will feature her interviewing a number of interesting people on camera.

The funny lady was diagnosed with autism and oromotor apraxia at the age of two when her parents realised she was developing much differently to her twin sister.

Her disorder rendered her completely unable to speak, however at the age of 10 she used her computer to tell her parents her teeth hurt and she has been communicating successfully ever since then.

She now uses technology to aid her communication, and her positive attitude and incredible sense of humour has guaranteed her a growing fan base.

She is the world’s first non-verbal talk show host, and going from this amazing interview with Mr Tatum, we cannot wait to see her star on the rise.

Lead image via YouTube