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25th Feb 2016

Want To Get Back Into Reading? This Free iPhone App Can Help

Ellen Tannam

Let’s be real, our attention spans these days are totally depleted. Reading a full book can seem like a daunting task, especially if your schedule is as busy as most people’s.

Enter Serial Reader, an app that breaks down weighty tomes into 20-minute chunks that can be delivered directly to your phone at a time of your choice.

Mashable report that you can read titles like Frankenstein and Crime And Punishment, and there’s no limit to the amount of books you can subscribe to at the one time.

The app also keeps track of your reading ‘streak’ so you can constantly try and beat your reading high-score in daily, weekly and all-time categories.

What’s cool about this is you have to wait for the next instalment of each part of the series, turning reading into something you can anticipate, like your favourite TV show or podcast.

It’s a great way to finally read all those books you were supposed to finish in college.

Lead Image via FanPop