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12th Mar 2015

Visually Impaired Athlete Banned From Dublin Mini Marathon is Now Being Allowed To Run

The organization announced the news this morning.


A talented runner who was not allowed to enter the Dublin Women’s Mini Marathon has been told this morning that she can now take part in the race in a U-turn by the organisation.

Sinead Kane, who is visually impaired, stated that she was not allowed to enter the popular race because her guide is a man.

It had seemed on Wednesday of this week that long-distance runner John O’Regan, who is Sinead’s guide, would not be able to take part in the race with her as the race bans all men from competing.

Sinead took to Twitter on Wednesday to vent her anger and frustration.

This morning, the organization made a U-turn on their decision to exclude male guides for people with visual impairments or wheelchair entrants, and made this statement on their Facebook page.

Cover picture via Sinead Kane/Twitter