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14th May 2017

Today is ‘National Dance Like A Chicken Day’… we’re being serious

This is an actual observed holiday for some people.

We’ve all dabbled in the ‘Chicken Dance’ at some point in our lives. Be it a wedding, or on holiday, or just a wild Tuesday night, it’s catchy and we ALL know the moves.

Here’s some history about the ‘Chicken Dance‘ that you probably didn’t know.

It was originally written by a Swiss accordionist in the 1930’s, and became popular across Europe and America in the 1970’s. It’s associated with Polkas or Oom pah pah music, originally it’s believed to have been written for Oktoberfest.

That’s enough out of me, it’s time to celebrate in style… remember the moves;

Beaks, wings, tail feathers, and 4 claps. Have at it.


Well, that was unsettling, here’s a remix for all the cool kids;



You are welcome.