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05th Oct 2018

Tinder has released pictures of the top 30 most right swiped people

James Dawson

Tinder’s most right swiped people – as you can probably guess – are very attractive.

Tinder is a funny game. You can get some absolute dopes on there who are super creepy and send you gifs that say ‘what kind of ring would you like’ (true story). Weirdos.

However, then you come across the genuine people that actually want to date.

Then there’s the conundrum of thinking, are they only swiping right for me because of the pictures I’ve posted – which we all know are the absolute best angles of yourself – or do they have a real interest in me?

It’s true that Tinder is very much a superficial game. We all know that.

This is the reality we face (as revealed by Cosmo) as Tinder has now released pictures of the most swiped right people. These people are attractive. They’re were always going to be really, weren’t they?

And since the app has yet to release pictures of the most swiped right Irish people, the UK is going to have to do.

So anyway, take David for instance:

This blokes is 34, he lives in London and works as a Revenue Control Team Leader – whatever that is. And a far as illustrations that Tinder – and indeed life – are not fair go, he’s a pretty good example.

While for most of topless pics are a one-way trip to left-swipe hotel, David, manages to be one of the hottest prospects in the entirety of the UK virtue of having a jawline chiselled from marble. What’s more he even has the audacity to admit that his bio simply reads “Midlands boy, living in the big smoke” and his killer opener on the dating app is “how are you?”.

So, while most people have to invest time in developing an interest in music, or art, or politics, or whatever else to make ourselves in someway interesting to members of the opposite or same sex – this guy’s out there getting lucky off C&Ped “how are you?”s and, presumably, wink-face emojis. I guess we just have to play the cards we’re dealt. You’d wonder how the conversation keeps on going…

Here is a selection of the rest:


You call see the rest of the bunch over at the Cosmopolitan website.