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16th Nov 2015

Thousands Quit Mormon Church Over New Stance On Gay Marriage

Thousands gathered in Salt Lake City this weekend to officially resign from their faith in the LDS Church.

Former members of the Mormon church were motivated to quit after new rules emerged banning the children of same-sex couples admission to their faith.

The new policy dictates that children of gay married couples are to be banned from baptism until they turn 18-years of age, leave home and state their opposition to same-sex marriage.

They would also be forced to renounce their parents, while same-sex couples faced disciplinary councils and possible ex-communication from the group.

According to Advocate, more than 1,000 letters of resignation have already been submitted online, while local attorneys received an additional 1,500 letters at the Salt Lake event.

The new church policy labels a same-sex relationship as a “serious transgression” branding them as “apostates,” something reserved for those who commit crimes like murder and rape.

Disgusted by the discrimination and hate shown towards members of their LGBT community, thousands decided to step down from their place in the church.

Scenes caught by one imgur user showed the crowds gathering to protest the new policy:

Today in downtown Salt Lake City thousands of soon to be ex-mormons gathered to officially resign from the LDS church after new policy dictating the shunning of children of LGBT members from membership and other hateful policy changes geared towards discrimination of those communities. In a state and city so dominated by the religion it is amazing seeing so many people stand in solidarity with their LGBT brothers and sisters and realize the mormon cult for what it is.

The President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Thomas S. Momson tweeted a message to the droves planning to resign, posting:

The church has more than 15 million adherents and 85,000 missionaries around the world.