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28th Dec 2020

Does the thought of a smashed screen give you chills? For €2.99 a month, Revolut Plus takes care of everything

Brought you you by Revolut Plus. 

Prone to a little mishap here and there? Have no fear, Revolut Plus can sort you out… all for the price of a cup of coffee.

We’ve all accidentally smashed our phone screens from time to time and EVERY person in 2020 can relate to a ticketed event being cancelled, what about when you need to return a gift you don’t want? It happens, sometimes gifts are crap, let’s be honest.

Well, have no fear as the new subscription tier from Revolut will keep you completely covered and honestly, you’ll never look back.

Revolut Plus protects your purchases and offers a huge amount for a minimum cost. You’re covered for accidental damage or theft, you get an enhanced 90-days returns window AND you’ll get your money back when the global pandemic steps in and stops you from getting to all of the gigs you’ve ever bought tickets to.

Sounds too good to be true right? Well, it’s not.

Revolut Plus is available to all customers and to existing paid plan Premium and Metal subscribers with theft and cover limits running from €1k, to €2.5k, to €10k a year. Customers will be able to spend online with virtual cards, while parents and guardians can teach their kids money skills with access to up to two junior Revolut accounts.

The new upgraded plans will offer customers truly great value for money while protecting them from out of pocket expenses, which we can all relate to in 2020.

If you know credit cards, you’ll know that these types of upgrades and offers are usually kept for the super high end side of things, and there’s nothing in the market like this for ‘normal’ people.

Revolut Plus is clearly planning on putting a stop to that and is opening up a world of saving opportunities to their customers all for the reasonable price of €2.99 per month, or a cup of coffee!

For more information on Revolut Plus and how it’s going to make life a lot easier for you, click here