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06th Aug 2016

This woman went to extreme lengths to ensure this Olympic dad to Rio

This is one of those stories that will restore your faith in people.

Ellis Hill is a humble Uber driver from New Jersey. He has never travelled outside of America and up until recently he had to reason to. In July everything changed when his son Darrell, a Penn State track star, made the U.S. Olympic team on his first try.

As proud a father as he was, Ellis explained to Upworthy that travelling to Rio to support his son was just unfeasible.

“It wasn’t in the cards at all,” Ellis said.

“I was thinking about getting a good bag of popcorn and sitting down to watch it on TV.”

But then along came a unique uber passenger who insisted the father be in Rio to see his son compete.

Liz Wollock, a professional who works for a company that transports medical patients to and from medical trials, realized that she had the business know-how and contacts to make something amazing happen for Ellis.

“I was just crushed because any good parent would want to see their son or daughter compete as Olympian,” Liz told Upworthy.

“I said, ‘Ellis, you’re an Olympic father! You need to go.'”

With the support of Ellis’ family, and particularly Olympian son Darrell, Liz launched a GoFundMe page.

People were quick to donate to the father at this incredible time.

“This story really touched me this morning. I watched the fund grow and was planning to donate when I got home. I was so excited to see you raised the money before lunch. My co-workers all cheered! Please go have the adventure of a lifetime. I know you are so proud. We will be cheering for Darrell” writes supporter Mary Manglass.

“Every parent should be able to see their child in action on the biggest stage for athletes,” writes Joe Edgerton.

The story captured so many hearts that the campaign quickly exceeded its $7,500 target.