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03rd Dec 2016

This woman had the perfect passive aggressive way of dealing with homophobic neighbours

Actions speak louder than words.

Unfortunately homophobia is still common. It can be hard to know how to deal with such bigotry but this woman’s response is very impressive.

When this American woman and her husband decided to leave the Mormon Church, a neighbour called over to talk to them.

This is when Rosey Crotch found that her neighbour had homophobic views.

“She came bouncing over and when my husband told her we no longer attended [the Church], she didn’t get the message.” She shared on Reddit.

“Anyway, thinking that we were allies, she went on to tell us how horrified she was when her son got turned down for prom because the girl was already planning on going with her girlfriend.”

The neighbour then expressed her dislike about how the local school recently held an assembly to discuss transgender issues.

“That, coupled with the school’s justification for letting lesbians attend the prom together and doing an assembly that taught kids the facts about being transgender were just too much for her,” Rosey said.

“She said that she had to move away because she was so sick of the gays and transgenders and everyone making their ‘lifestyle’ okay.”

Rather that express her disapproval vocally, Rosey instead made a colourful statement with her garden.

”Since regular aggression leads to assault charges, I went with passive aggression. 10,000 lights later” Rosey said.


This is giving us some serious inspiration for Christmas.