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02nd Jul 2016

This Wine Dispensing Travel Tote Bag Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Rebecca McKnight

We’ve always wanted to find a bag that could fit our essentials along with a bottle of our favourite vino, you know when we used to attend parties and the likes.

But this tote goes one step further.

As well as providing space for your essentials like your mobile phone and purse, it can also dispense your favourite beverage.

The Wine Dispensing Travel Tote Bag was created by Tracey Luebbers and it is “designed to discretely hold a boxed wine bag.”

With an attached spout, an ice pack and five litres worth of space, the only other thing you need is something to drink out of.

The bag is being sold on Uncommon Goods for $129.95 (€123.88) however international shipping is not currently available.

wine tote
Image via Uncommon Goods

What a time to be alive.