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18th Nov 2015

This Whisper Challenge Pregnancy Announcement is Equally Hilarious and Heart-Warming

Let's hope Bob is better at being a grandpa then he is at guessing games

Cassie Delaney

We’ve accepted the inevitability of trawling through dozens of mediocre online pregnancy announcements, proposals and first dances. It’s rare that we find one that’s genuinely interesting but this one inspired by Jimmy Fallon is worth a watch.

Soon to be parents Alexa and Drew Goolsby decided to play a game of the whisper challenge, popularly featured on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night show.

The game (which we played and love) usually sees a participant don headphones and guess what another player is lip reading. Hilarity often ensues.

When Alexa and Drew decided to break the news to the new grandparents, Mom Sharla cops the announcement straight away. SIDE NOTE: She probably cheated; it’s a hard game.

Granpa to be Bob has a little bit more difficulty, thinking Alexa and Drew wasn’t to take him to the beach. When he finally understands his reaction is above averagely funny.