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22nd Feb 2016

This Vandalised Election Poster Clearly shows How Some Feel About Enda Kenny

What nice eyes you have Enda.

Cassie Delaney

What nice eyes you have Enda.

Look it’s a contentious election and emotions are running high.

Support for the current coalition government has dropped significantly and it looks like people may be turning away from Enda Kenny.

Especially seeing as he went on a bit of a rant over the weekend in relation to an election pamphlet. All in all Enda Kenny probably needs a nap and a chance to gather himself.

Sadly, one Cork resident has taken to art to declare his feelings on the government leader.

The newly defaced poster reflects a different side of Kenny, and while no official comparisons have been made, it’s hard to ignore the similarities between it and this character.

Grimms' Fairy Tales - Little Red Riding Hood (Wolf as Grandma) Full Colour Illustration (a)
image via retrigue

Only four days to go Kenny. Hold tight.