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09th Dec 2015

This Simple Everyday Ingredient Is Going To Transform Your Scrambled Egg Experience

Great, ANOTHER thing we were doing wrong.

We thought scrambled-eggs-on-toast was one of the few dishes we could ACTUALLY call a speciality.

But turns out, our scrambled eggs are sub-standard, no matter how good our whisking skills are.

Cosmopolitan writer Joanna Saltz has uncovered the secret chef ingredient that leads to dreamy, creamy scrambled eggs.


Uncovering the yummy recipe, she reflected on a “dreamy breakfast experience” at a famous restaurant, whereby she discovered that the chef was adding sour cream to his scrambled eggs.

She writes: “Many people add milk or half and half to their eggs before they put them in the pan, but sour cream offers that same creaminess, but with a little more body.

“It adds a very subtle depth of flavour: I’d say it’s tangy, but it’s almost more of a sweet sourness. You know it’s there, but you also kind of don’t. ”

Sold? Here’s how you incorporate it.

Saltz recommends adding roughly one scoop of sour cream per egg, but whisking the eggs up separately before you add the sour cream.

“Then cook your eggs with plenty of butter (I use about 2 tablespoons), and pull them just before they’re dry (they’ll continue cooking a tiny bit before they’re plated). The result: delightfully light eggs—and bragging rights.”

We’ve tried it, and trust us – it’s transformative.