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27th Sep 2019

This one simple thing could be the key to getting a good night’s sleep

Keeley Ryan

We all know that we’re meant to get 8 hours of sleep a night, but sometimes that’s just impossible to manage – even despite our best efforts.

And while there’s all kinds of tricks and tips out there that promise to help us nod off even quicker, it turns out there’s one simple thing we can be doing to get more shut-eye: drink more water.

A new study conducted by researchers at Penn State University analysed 20,000 people’s sleeping habits.

They found that those who slept for six hours a night had significantly more concentrated urine and were more dehydrated than those who slept  for the recommended eight hours a night.

Through analysing the participants’ sleeping habits and urine samples, researchers found a link between their sleep quality and hydration – all in relation to a hormone called vasopressin.

Lead author Asher Rosinger said:

“Vasopressin is released both more quickly and later on in the sleep cycle.

“So, if you’re waking up earlier, you might miss that window in which more of the hormone is released, causing a disruption in the body’s hydration.

“If you are only getting six hours of sleep a night, it can affect your hydration status.

“This study suggests that if you’re not getting enough sleep, and you feel bad or tired the next day, drink extra water.”