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17th Aug 2015

This New Mobile Phone Network Could Save You Money

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Cathy Donohue

There’s a new mobile network launching in Ireland soon and reports say it’s going to be significantly cheaper than its competitors.

ID Mobile is under the Carphone Warehouse umbrella and reports say seven out of ten people will make serious savings if they switch over.

KillBiller carried out a comparison report and found that on the new ID network, the average monthly spend will be €20.81 per month.


The reports suggests that by switching over, ID Mobile users could make savings of up to €166 per year.

ID mobile will have the most competitive plans when it comes to 4G plans and the report says that the new network hopes to introduce plans to suit ‘everyone’.

However, even after the launch of ID Mobile, Tesco Mobile remains the cheapest phone network on the Irish market when it comes to 3G.

This could be a very interesting development indeed!


H/T via The Irish Independent