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08th Nov 2016

This man simple gesture to the woman he divorced is making everyone on the internet cry

This is very sweet.

Divorce can be incredibly tough, on the children, on the extended family and obviously on the couple themselves.

It isn’t surprising that divorce is rarely simple or painless for the people involved, which is why this man’s simple gesture to the wife he was divorcing touched the hearts of so many people.

This 17-year-old’s parents got divorced after 19 years of marriage and on the day the divorce was finalised, her father sent her mother a bouquet of her favourite flowers with a note that read, “Always gonna be you.”

She added in a series of tweets [sic througout]:

”he use to send her flowers when she was having a bad day..& to know that even after today he still did it breaks my heart”

”I have never cried so hard over 4 simple words.

my dad told me tonight that “Had me from hello” by Kenny Chesney was their song at their wedding

and he then heard this song, “Always gonna be you” also by Kenny Chesney, & sent it to my mom & said “this is our finale”

The image and message very quickly went viral with a huge amount of replies from people showing their support.

To date over 230 thousand people have liked the image and it has been retweeted over 70 thousand times.