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21st Nov 2016

This mam is being praised for the note she gave to her ex’s new girlfriend

This is very thoughtful.

This is very thoughtful.

Blended families are becoming more and more common these days, with step-parents, half-siblings and new members of the family. While it’s not always easy and can be complicated, it’s great to see everyone getting along, which is probably the reason why one woman’s letter to her ex-husband’s girlfriend has gotten so much attention.

Audrey Loving has a four-year-old daughter with her partner who she split from several years ago.

Audrey has full custody of their little girl, Riley, but her father often visits, and takes her away for the weekends.

When Riley’s dad got a new girlfriend her mother had the most mature, thoughtful and inspirational reaction to the new women in her daughter’s life.

Audrey shared a picture of Riley and her dad’s new girlfriend Whitney on Facebook, along with a special message.


”This is my daughters fathers gf. The sweetest thing ever! I’m super thankful for her because when she visits her dad she feeds her, takes care of her, buys her gifts, and basically takes care of her like her own.” Audrey said.

”Why do all these moms act so spiteful and jealous towards the other women?? NOONE said it was easy trying to be a mother to a kid you didn’t have. So when there is someone trying don’t push them away! Because they DONT need the drama they WILL leave and then your stuck with someone who is the evil step mom. Yes they exist! I see them every where! A kid can have two moms because in my eyes the more people that love her I’m happy!!!”

”I would never make her feel like an outsider I’m extremely thankful for this girl ❤️❤️❤️ Ladies grow up and focus on being a good mom not worrying about what’s on your baby daddy’s girl friends Facebook and Instagram while your kid is right next up you. Love more hate less!!!”

Audrey advised that women welcome their ex’s partners to be a part of their life, and to be grateful when someone else treats her child well.

The post has received a massive amount of support with thousands of comments thanking Audrey for the message. It has been liked over 350 thousand times and shared over 145 thousand times.

A week after the post was first shared, Audrey posted a thank you note to everyone who praised her letter, she said: ”THANK YOU for ALL your kind words!!! My post has reached all over the world and I’m absolutely blown away!!! I’m trying to answer all of you but it’s a bit much!”

She also did a Facebook live video thanking everyone for their support.