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28th Jun 2018

This flower is becoming more popular for weddings and it is truly gorgeous

Cathy Donohue

Get in on this trend before everyone else does.

Although roses and peonies are often used for bridal bouquets, another flower is starting to become very popular.

Carnations are now big for weddings and if you don’t believe us, there’s some expert information from a florist in the know.

Christina Stembel is the founder of Farmgirl Flowers and she recently spoke with Pop Sugar about her new found love for carnations.

Interestingly, Christina wasn’t a fan of them before starting her own floral company but now she’s completely changed her opinion.

Although this professional wouldn’t recommend opting for an all-carnation arrangement, Christina says they’re absolutely beautiful when mixed with other blooms and we’re inclined to agree.

“I’ve been trying now to dip my toe in the water to try to start the education of consumers that carnations are back and they’re beautiful. If they’re done right, they’re gorgeous”.

She went on to say that many designer florists share her opinion but this has yet to translate to people choosing the flowers:

“There are new varieties of carnations that people don’t even know are carnations, so we’ve even kind of pulled the wool over some of their eyes.”

Christina explains that there are certain types of carnations that last forever, working well for installations that require long periods out of water or if exposed to the sun for a long time.

Worth noting if you’re getting married abroad ladies and even if you’re not, we’re starting to change our minds about how we perceive this particular bloom.

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