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04th Jul 2019

You can rent this alpaca farm in Laois and we’re going immediately

Keeley Ryan

LOOK at their faces.

There are all kinds of gems on Airbnb.

From private islands in South America to castles and pubs in Ireland, there’s no shortage of unusual – and Instagram-worthy – vacation spots.

We think we may have found our favourite one yet, though.

Introducing the Lodge at Hushabye Farm in Laois – aka, the perfect vacation spot for alpaca fans.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Not only do you have the chance to stay in a gorgeous stone cottage (in an equally as stunning location), but you can spend time with a cuddly alpaca, too.

How can you say no to that furry little face?

The cottage is available to rent starting at €90 a night – which, as it suits up to four guests, means you could stay there for as little as €22.50 a night.

Located at the foothill of the Slieve Bloom mountains, the two-bedroom cottage ” is in the corner of the farmyard with access to all paddocks and adjacent to a country lane.”

Any guests are encouraged to go to the paddocks and see/walk/cuddle/play with an alpaca – however, “be mindful to close any gate you open” to keep the Alpacas safe.

There’s no WiFi in the cottage, so it’s the perfect chance to get away from it all – or just to curl up with a good book, maybe?

It seems like the venue is a pretty big winner with guests, with the Lullabye Lodge having five-stars in every category.

You can find out more information about the listing here.