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16th May 2016

This 116-year-old woman attributes her long life to her very specific diet

Emma Morano is the last known living person born in the 1800s.

A living legend.

Emma Morano, an 116-year-old woman from Northern Italy, says her long life has a lot to do with her diet which includes three eggs per day, two of them eaten raw.

According to The Telegraph, Emma was diagnosed with anemia when she was 20 years old and her doctor advised that she eat two raw eggs a day.

Her diet also includes semolina for breakfast, minced meat every day, pasta and for tea/supper, milk is usually what she opts for.

“Considering her age she is in pretty good health.

“She does find walking very tiring, though, and she has a nap during the day”.

It’s believed that Emma, who was born on November 29th 1899, found out she was the oldest living person after Sushanna Mushatt Jones, also aged 116, passed away on Friday.

This makes Emma (unofficially) the world’s oldest person.

Image and video via YouTube: Wotchit Entertainment