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31st Jul 2015

Things Got VERY Awkward Between Brendan O’Connor and Ryan Tubridy This Morning

This sounded a bit uncomfortable...

Earlier this week RTÉ confirmed some hotly-tipped news on one of their most high-profile presenters – Ryan Tubridy is moving back to RTÉ Radio 1.

Late Late Show presenter Ryan will take over the slot formerly occupied by The John Murray Show, which was axed earlier this summer.

This morning, Ryan appeared on the show with interim host of the slot Brendan O’Connor, and it made for some interesting if uncomfortable radio.

Introducing Ryan, Brendan referred to his first guest as a “well-known broadcaster” saying “he’s got a bit of news today, he’s about to head off to Ethiopia with GOAL”.

When Ryan referenced being on his holidays, Brendan responded sarcastically: “Thank you for breaking your holidays for this important summit.”


Ryan went on to explain the details around his trip before talk moved on again to Tubridy’s move back from 2FM to Radio 1.

About four minutes into the interview, Brendan abruptly said: “Anyway, look, thanks very much Ryan Tubridy.”

Ryan responded: “Thanks very much and good night, if that’s all you want”, before Brendan replied: “Hang on a minute, I’m being told to stretch this out a bit. Ok.”

Brendan then laughed and said: “Listen, congratulations. A great book, as they say around here in RTÉ [a reference to the most recent JNLR figures, released Thursday]… Finally you’re stabilising and thriving in 2FM and they’re chucking you back into the hot seat.”

O’Connor asked: “Was it your choice, do you get a choice?”

Tubridy defended the national broadcaster, stressing that he did have a say in the matter and saying the matter had come to pass in recent days.

“To be honest with you Brendan, it makes sense in my head and in my heart.

“People will say to you, ‘Ah sure it’s only radio’, but it’s not to me. It’s life and blood stuff to me.

He added that the first text he got when the news broke was from John Murray, who held the slot for five years.

Brendan then said: “You were getting too old for 2FM really, weren’t you”, adding: “Even I feel young around here” in reference to Radio 1.

He went on to say: “I’m conscious that there are people at home thinking ‘listen to these two tossers here from RTÉ scratching each other’s backs… they only went as far as the canteen to get a guest and everything.”

He added jokingly: “Ryan I know that you and I never speak or anything, but you’ve come to regard me as a mentor… this is a symbolic moment. I’m passing the torch.”

O’Connor also made reference to his own TV show getting the chop, asking Ryan if we was concerned about having “real” competition for the Late Late Show in the form of a new Saturday night entertainment programme, given that he’d had an “easy ride” for the last few years.


You can listen to a podcast of the show here