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17th Dec 2017

The most common excuses Irish people use to get out of a night out

We’re far more anti-social that we like to believe we are.

Ever heard of JOMO? It’s the Joy Of Missing Out, and means we’d rather be sitting in re-watching The Wire for the fifth time than going to the pub.

According to a survey of 2,000 people by Deliveroo, more than 70% prefer a quiet night in to a night out on the beer, and it’s not just people in their 30s.

The survey points out that almost half of those polled – 49% – prefer to stay in and watch Netflix than head out with their friends.

Sticky floors

The ordeal of putting on fancy “going out” clothes, loud bars and, curiously, the prospect of sticky floors all feature high on the list of reasons people prefer to stay at home.

Saturday nights out are the most cancelled with one in five adults (20%) preferring to cancel and stay at home, followed by Friday nights (19%).

Half of people surveyed admitted that they would accept an invitation to a night out, knowing full well that they have no intention of moving off the couch.

Worse again, 5% of Irish don’t bother cancelling at all, they just don’t show up.

The top ten reasons Irish people use to avoid going out

1. Other plans (17%)

2. I just say I can’t come (16%)

3. Illness (13%)

4. Having to look after family members, including pets (13%)

5. I tell the truth and just say I don’t want to go (8%)

6. Having to get up early the following day (9%)

7. Having to work late (7%)

8. A family emergency (5%)

9. Fell asleep by accident (2%)

10. My mobile isn’t working (In reality turning their device off or on flight mode) (2%)

Also, the top five reasons people choose to stay in rather than go out

1. Spending too much money (34%)

2. Having to see people I don’t really like/want to see (24%)

3. Travelling to and from the venue (23%)

4. Putting on ‘going out’ clothes (14%)

5. Not getting a seat when I go out (13%)