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02nd Sep 2018

There’s one thing in particular that interviewers hate and it’s not what we expected

Take note.

Jade Hayden

Business people waiting for job interview

We’re all well aware of generic interview tips.

Be prepared. Dress smart. Always ask questions.

Know your stuff and you’re more than likely to knock that interview out of the park… or at least give yourself a good shot at getting your dream job.

But there’s one interview tip that Forbes magazine has published that we really weren’t expecting.

And that’s NOT to try and impress your interviewer.


Surely showing up to an interview and trying to blow everyone out of the water with how unreal you are is the way to go, no?

Well, according to HR manager named only as Melissa, it isn’t.

She says that people who use up all their energy trying to impress her, don’t usually get the job they want.

Instead, Melissa suggests that interviewees should just come armed with “their own ideas, stories, opinions, and perspectives” and they’re more likely to succeed.

She also says that confidence is key, but that you absolutely should never beg or appear desperate.


In our eyes, there is a very thin line between trying to impress and simply being prepared.

Of course, we absolutely wouldn’t want to show up to an interview and appear as if we don’t care whether we’re impressive not.

After all, interviews are all about showcasing your skills and giving examples of times where you solved problems and did a good job.

But according to Melissa, trying too hard could actually be detrimental.

The HR manager also suggests that applicants should not be in “oral exam mode” in an interview.

Instead, those who succeed are usually relaxed, which automatically makes them more confident.

Makes sense, we guess.