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09th Nov 2019

There’s a new dating trend and it has definitely happened to all Irish gals


You can probably guess what it is by it’s name.

As we all know, dating is a total minefield. Some days things are grand, other days you just want to wipe yourself off the face of the earth and never meet a potential partner again.

And then sometimes, there’s absolutely nothing happening.

However, this new trend has definitely happened to you.

So, you’re on Tinder, you match with someone, you might chat, you might not, but a few hours later you get a new Instagram follower.

Sound familiar?

The worst thing is that you don’t even have to match with them. If your Instagram is linked up to your Tinder, they can go right ahead and look you up.

Dating coach Samantha Burns described it to Women’s Health: “Tindstagramming is when someone whom you swiped left on on Tinder decides to stalk you on Instagram and slides into your DMs in an attempt to connect.”

“They basically ignore the fact that you clearly aren’t interested in talking to them, since you didn’t match on the dating app.”

It’s super creepy and weird and very unwelcome.

Samantha continued: “It feels like a violation. You joined a dating app so you could find dates with whom you mutually match, and you likely did not sign up for Instagram to be bombarded by dudes, especially ones you already ruled out.”