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13th May 2016

There’s a new type of work out where you actually get to nap

Where do we sign up?

Sleeping while you work out, there really isn’t anything better.

There is a new type of workout, called ‘antigravity cocooning’ and it sounds amazing. Not only does it involve cocooning yourself away from the world but part of it lets you actually nap while you’re working out.


According to Crunch Gyms, it involves:

“Supercharging the Power Nap, this class will leave you relaxed and recalibrated in both body and mind. Naps can restore alertness, enhance performance and reduce mistakes so indulge yourself through this guided meditation.”

Justin Flexen, who works as the Crunch group fitness manager told Allure:

“It’s a relaxation for the body and mind. It restores mental clarity, calms the nervous system, and helps to increase mobility and range of motion. It’s also a great way to release tension and restore health after an intense workout or heavy lifting session.”

It’s quite like antigravity yoga but Justin explained the differences and where the all-important naps come into play:

“The main difference is that in AntiGravity Cocooning there are no inversions—you don’t go upside down—and you spend a good portion of class in ‘cocoon,’ allowing for a longer relaxation period than in regular AntiGravity Yoga. This allows for the opportunity to power-nap, which has been proven to increase alertness and overall rejuvenation.”

Seriously, where do we sign up.

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