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01st Jul 2014

There’s A Museum That Stores The Memories Of Relationships Past… And It’s Kind Of Amazing

This is weird. And we're ok with that.


Breaking up is never easy. Along with heartache and rejection, there’s the part where you have to start moving on. With this comes the age old question – what do you do with their stuff?

As handy as it might be to donate it to the local charity shop (or let’s be honest, that hoodie has a new permanent home in your wardrobe) there is another alternative… donate it to the Museum of Broken Relationships.

No, we’re not messing with you.

The museum houses 60 relics of items that lead to a broken heart or two along its journey, and sets up home in Croatia, when not on tour. The collection is due to be on display at the ‘Festival of Love’ in London during August.

So what makes the cut of a broken heart treasure?

How about….

The classic underwear… hopefully they’re clean (but likely you’ve found them under the bed)

museum of broken hearts 1

The standard teddy bear… that made you goofily excited when accepting the gift and now you look at it with contempt. And probably an irrational burst of anger.

museum of broken hearts 5

An axe… we’re guessing this was a messy break-up

museum of broken hearts 2

Or a gnome… such a wasted opportunity to tease the ex with an Amelie style photo album.

museum of broken hearts 3

A bunch of dreadlocks… we’ve heard of drastic new hair after a break-up. We’re not sure it’s meant to be his.

museum of broken hearts 4

And finally, a wedding album… as if saying “I don’t” isn’t hard enough, a collection of happier memories and a wedding that left you bankrupt probably isn’t going to help.

museum of broken hearts 6